QUARTER/quarter Restaurant & Wine Bar

QUARTER/quarter Restaurant and Wine Bar
25 Center Street East, Harmony MN 55939
(507) 886-5500


When is the Chef's Tasting Menu available?
The Chef's Tasting Menus are offered every Friday and Saturday night starting at 5:00 and can be ordered any time between, up until 8:00
.  We may also choose to offer it on other days if demand warrants it.  One should plan on the meal taking 1 1/2 to 2 hours start to finish.
What if we run late for our reservation?
Reservations for the Main Dining Room will be held for 15 minutes beyond the reserved time.  After that, you will be offered space as soon as it is available or offered to eat in our Wine Bar
(if available).
Can we see the menu beforehand?
The current Dinner Menu is listed on the Menus page.  This week's Chef's Tasting Menu should be listed on our Facebook page by Thursday
and there is a sample menu Menus page of this website.  A printed menu will be available for walk-in guests to look at before being seated, and speaking of walk-in's...
Are reservations required?
Though reservations for dinner or the Chef's Tasting Menu are not required, they are highly suggested as the number of tasting menus available each night is limited.
  For the Wine Bar, no reservations are taken, or needed.
We are traveling with our child(ren) and want the Chef's Tasting Menu for us but not our child.
If they are very young and well behaved enough to sit in a high chair (we only have 2), happily munching away on Cheerios while you eat your multi-course meal; that's fine.  If they are old enough to experience their own multi-course adventure, even better.  We do have a limited kids menu for children 10 and under and recommend that you order from the regular menu if your child is ordering from the child's menu.

Will it be enough/too much food?
"Enough" food is very subjective.  We strive to serve portions that are large enough to satisfy your hunger, but not so huge that you feel you have to be wheeled out on a gurney.
Do you take credit cards (personal checks, etc.)?
We accept Visa and Master Card, but very much prefer if you pay by personal check or cash.  Credit card processing fees are very expensive for a small business like ours.

Why name a restaurant QUARTER/quarter?
In 1832 the smallest area of land that could be purchased by settlers was reduced to 40 acres or, a quarter-quarter section, making it possible for many more people to afford to start farming. From then on, forty acres became synonymous with the word "opportunity" - the opportunity to earn a living, become a productive part of a rural community, and provide for your family.  That history, and the fact that the restaurant is located at 25 CENTer Street, led us to our unusual name.  Welcome to our “quarter/quarter”. 

Accolades for Chef Stephen Larson and QUARTER/quarter Restaurant
Best of the Midwest 2011 - Midwest Living Magazine
Inclusion in Best Chef's America 2013 Inaugural Edition
Presenter of KSMQ TV's "Garden Connections" recipe segment (seasons 5, 6 and 7)
Winner of "Best Fine Dining" Fillmore County Journal readers poll 2013


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